Territorial enhancement


Studio Lancini & Partners recognises its professional partners great knowledge of the territory, has always perceived the big chances in managing the territory as one aspect of Italian cultural heritage. Not only should it be cornered to tourism, culture and show but it should also be considered as an asset and a profitable business.

The territorial heritage is a lab where new ideas and development opportunities are fostered. Hence the need to construe the concept of sustainability to consider social, economic, environmental, and cultural dimensions. Not only a conservative and saving policy but a wealth distribution such to avoid social struggles and business failure.

It is an invitation to change the perspective and proceed toward territory-oriented actions, places, culture, socialisation and economy.

A Territorial Marketing Laboratory has been created within Studio Lancini & Partners promote territorial enhancement as a complex living system originated from natural and anthropological evolution from the past and business projects for the future.

The Laboratory activity includes study, research and economical-managerial projects to help liven the business layer in the territory.

It is a player in sustaining the territorial development. Enhancing our craftsmanship heritage is a special way to interpret value to the scope of making the territory more appealing and productive with different investment opportunities.


Sharing practice

While territorial enhancement should be considered based upon its content attention should also be paid to the process that actualize and determine said contents. It is a matter of method, i.e. “the way something is made”, namely enhancement and support through local, national and European “funding” and “calls”.

These are governance methods through which territorial enhancement and support begins.

It is a team work helping the growth of our beautiful Italy.